For samples of her professional work, a resume, points of debate, poetry recommendations, a moving conversation about social structures, or anything else that strikes your fancy, Lauren may be contacted at

If you do not receive a speedy reply, that would be because time is flying by and she, like all of us, is just trying her best. Godspeed.

Where Else To Find Her:

A whole heap of projects are incubating for 2018, including an updated podcast and some video projects.

The first new project has arrived, please join her in the Keats-Free Zone for regular updates/writings/etc.

Praise for Keats-Free Zone from people she went to high school with:

“Keats-Free Zone is agressively good.”

I read every issue of ‘KFZ’ *and* also ~archive~ it in my inbox instead of delete it just in case I want to reread so if THAT isn’t a glowing recommendation then I DON’T KNOW wHAT IS”

“KFZ is a bright spot in my inbox.”

Praise for Keats-Free Zone from people she did not go to high school with:

“I LOVE your KFZ letters!!!! I always look forward to them!”

“Everyone should subscribe to this it is a highlight of my week…”

“I enjoy getting these.”

Check back soon to see what else will be available on an internet connected device near you in 2018.